गौमाता हमारा स्वाभिमान 



Bhagavat Geeta describes how Lord Krishna cared for the cows and calves every morning, by taking them to graze on the Govardhana hill. We should also try to serve the cows with similar attitude – by providing means for their food, shelter and medication. Our mission is to care for stray, abandoned cows, bulls, retired oxen, and orphaned calves. We provide them hay, flour, fresh grass, clean water, medical attention and a place where they can recuperate from injuries and stay peacefully.


“Vedic civilization gives protection to all the living creatures, especially the cows, because they render such valuable service to the human society in the shape of milk, without which no one can become healthy and strong.

Instead of killing cows, if we let them live, we can get so many nutritious foodstuffs filled with vitamins.

This is the injunction of Krishna in Bhagavad-Gita to produce enough food both for human beings and the animals and you become happy. The animal is happy. If the animal is happy he will produce enough milk so what is the use of killing them.

The cow with her calf is not only beautiful to look at but also it gives satisfaction to the cow and happily she delivers milk as much as possible. But in the Kali Yuga the calves are separated from the cow as early as possible for purposes which may not be mentioned in these pages of Srimad Bhagwatam. The cow stands with tears in the eyes and the milkman draws artificially milk from the cow and when there is no milk the cow is sent for being slaughtered. These great sinful acts, of the human being, are responsible for all the troubles in the present society.”

Save Cows, Save India

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